The King of Peace and His Young Followers

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We are excited to announce the launching of our new book “The King of Peace and His Young Followers”.

It’s an animated book presenting motivating stories that are inspired by both scriptures and contemporary life of children. These stories aim to provide kids with the values of listening and speech on their journey of peace making.

The book was received enthusiastically by all Christian denominations and thus far we have distributed a thousand copies of the book; Three schools in Galilee(Catholic, Orthodox & Baptist) distributed the book to their pupils, another Catholic church in Galilee wanted to get the book for its children. A Sunday school teacher from Haifa shared with us that she simply reads stories from the book to her kids and saw that they were excited and took benefit from the book.

We hope and pray that this books will help children and adults to cultivate a culture of peacemaking and reconciliation in this conflict stricken land.

The book was written by Rev. Dr. Yohanna Katanacho, the academic dean of Bethlehem Bible College & Galilee Bible College.
ملك السلام

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