Mother’s Day Celebration March 2019

Bassam YossefNews

The Arab Israeli Bible Society seeks with other ministries and
NGO's in the Holy land to promote and implement strategic
programs. This year in partnership with Grace Ministry in the
Holy land we held a special event for Mothers' day. Despite the
challenges around 800 women from the north and the middle
of Israel as well as the Palestinian authority participated in the
The celebration started with prayer and welcome. Sister Rose
shared with the sisters a short message on blessing. Then
Pastor Nizar Shaheen delivered a very encouraging message
and invitation to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Half of the
audience came forward for prayer, blessing and healing.

Through the celebration brother Nizar Francis shared some
hymns with his singing team. It was a time of Joy.
Dina Katanacho the director of the Arab Israeli Bible Society
shared an encouraging message. Afterward she distributed a
gift to the participants that included a copy of the New Bible
beside the magazine "Hamasat" produced and published by the
Arab Israeli Bible society.