Breakfast for Women in Ministry

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March meeting’s main subject was mother’s day (March 21st, in the Arab World). The biblical devotion was from the story of Mary and Martha. While most mothers would practically adopt Martha’s approach to life and … Read More

Mother’s Day Celebration 2012

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The Bible House seeks to partner with other ministries in the Holy Land in strategic events. This season we’ve partnered in the annual Mother’s Day Celebration, at which about a thousand Arab Israeli and Palestinian … Read More

The Magazine Hamasaat

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The Bible House is grateful to God’s faithfulness for allowing us to publish the third title of the magazine “Hamasaat”, whispers from the Creator to the family. “Hamasaat” is a totally local-written magazine which is … Read More

The King of Peace and His Young Followers

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We are excited to announce the launching of our new book “The King of Peace and His Young Followers”. It’s an animated book presenting motivating stories that are inspired by both scriptures and contemporary life … Read More