Mission statement

The Arab Israeli Bible Society is a non profit, inter-confessional Christian organization. That aims to achieve the widest possible, effective and meaningful distribution of the Holy Scriptures; and helping people to interact with the word of God in a language they understand, in a format they prefer, and at a price they can afford. Further we affirm that the Holy Scriptures belong to all Christian churches, recognizing that doctrinal interpretation of the Scriptures belongs to them.

The Message

The Arab Israeli Bible Society has a mission to fulfill the great commission (Matt. 28: 18-20) of God and participate in sharing the life changing Word of God with every one, child women and men. The Bible society exists to make the Scriptures available and accessible to all, at an affordable price, in a language people can understand, and in a way that can help each one to apply and implement the message of God effectively to their lives. We carry out our tasks in partnership and co-operation with all Christian churches and organizations.


The Bible society was founded in Britain in 1804. Around 1816 the work of the Bible society in the Holy land begins through distributing Bibles. In 1820 Rev. James Conner, the Bible society agent in Constantinople, visited both Jerusalem and Damascus where he distributed Scriptures with the blessings of the Armenian and Greek Orthodox Patriarchs.
Even though the Bible work began in the Holy Land in 1816, Galilee was served through a small office with little resources. The office was under the umbrella of the Bible society in Israel. Recognizing this opportunity, in 2008 the UBS restructured the work in the Holy Land to create three major independent UBS offices for serving the community of Israel/Palestine. Each office will serve its community: the Palestinian community, the Jewish community and the Arab Israeli community. In that year the Arab Israeli Bible society was established. This society is committed to make the Word of God available to Arab Israelis who live inside Israel.