Easter Breakfast at Nazareth Village

Bassam YossefBreakfast, News

Easter’s breakfast was held on April 13, at Nazareth Village; an archaeological and tourism site which recreates Galilean Nazareth as it was 2000 years ago.

After having breakfast in the refreshing spring weather & fascinating nature scenes, the ladies moved to the site of the newly constructed tomb, styled after 1st century AD tombs, where they had fellowship & devotion.

Mrs. Lubna Deeb, Village’s gift shop director, shared a devotion about the resurrection from the Gospel of Luke. Mrs. Maha Sayegh, Village’s media & PR director, introduced the Village’s history and activities and spoke about God’s providence for the Village to fulfill it’s ministry both to church and society.

Mr. Dina Katancho, the director of the Bible House, concluded that meeting by introducing the second issue of “Hamasaat” magazine and gave it out to all the participants.