Mother Day March 2016

Bassam YossefNews

The Arab Israeli Bible Society partnered with several local churches from different towns and village for this year’s Mother day celebration in March 2016. 1,000 women attended the annual event.
The “Prayers Thank Avail Much: First Blessing for Your Child” for Moms a collection of prayers and reading scriptures for children which was produced by the Arab Israeli Bible Society was distributed at the celebration as a gift for each mom.

Sister Andera one of our partner in mother day celebration event said
“the women
left the event saying that the best
gift they got was this book.” This
book enables mums to bless their
children every day”.


<…The prayer book
<…..that was
<……..produced in 2016
<……….and given
<……….. as a gift for mums

This book also was given to a mother in the hospital that had deliveredbook
a premature baby. The baby
stayed at the hospital for
a month. The mother told
us that this book came on
time, she was very
encouraged by it after being in
depression for a while. Now she is visiting her son blessing and praying for him through reading this book.